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Orientation Program

Orientation Program

Orientation program is a welcome and an informative program for new students commencing their studies at the Analytics Institute.

The program consists of presentation, campus tour, enrolment and information that helps new-comers settle into the study environment.

Orientation plays a vital role in helping you quickly become familiar with AIA and its teaching style.  Many international students find the Australian way of teaching to be quite different from what they are used to.

In Australia, the focus is on practical learning that encourages creative, independent thought and debate. Academic staffs aim to provide a thorough understanding of a topic rather than just teaching the right words, phrases or formulas.

Once you have successfully enrolled for study at AIA, you will receive pre-departure, arrival, and orientation information that provide additional valuable information to prepare you to study and live in Australia.

AIA has a student orientation policy that guides that orientation process.

On completion of the Orientation program, all students will be required to complete an Orientation Evaluation Survey.

Survey data is used for AIA’s continuous improvement practices.