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Meet Our Founder

Mr. Pankaj Goel is the Chairman of Pass Global Pty Ltd trading as ALTEC College in central Melbourne since 2008. He was the CEO of Altec College between 2008 – 2020. He has a B.A. in Fine Arts (with a specialisation in Applied Arts) from the University of Delhi and an M.A. in Applied Communication from RMIT.

Prior to founding ALTEC College, Mr. Goel had his own web technology and design company and trained and worked as a successful graphic designer.
His executive and professional career has spanned more than twenty-five years including working for The Times of India and The Observer Group. He has also lectured at RMIT.

Pankaj and his wife, Abhilasha, have grown ALTEC College to be a leading provider of vocational education for international students, with over 800 students at the Melbourne CBD and Hobart campuses. Pankaj has always run ALTEC Vocational College as if it were a Higher Education Provider. This is partly the reason that it has had such success with its clear ASQA audits and why it maintains the maximum number of years of registration.

Despite this success, Pankaj has always harboured a passion for higher education and is determined to bequeath to Australia a higher education provider of the highest possible quality. He is assembling a formative team to educate industry-ready graduates who will transform Australian businesses and help them thrive in the new economic era we are entering.

Meet the AIA Board of Directors

Emeritus Professor Jayne Godfrey
Chair of the Board
Emeritus Professor Joyce Kirk
Chair of Academic Board
Jessica Lightfoot
Chair of Audit and Risk Committee
Dr. Jane Hamilton
Interim Academic Dean
David Pitt
Independent Director
Pankaj Goel
Company Secretary

Meet the AIA Academic Board

Emeritus Professor Joyce Kirk
Chair of Academic Board
Professor Damminda Alahakoon
Professor Dharmendra Sharma
Professor Leo Pass
Heico Wesselius
Suganya Eliot

Meet the Industry Advisory Board

Phil Bolton
(Partner at Deloitte)
Dr Zaana Howard
(Director - McKinsey)
Ben Hamley
(JLL Aisa Pacific)
Natalie Mendes
(Head of Marketing at
OCR Labs)

Meet the AIA Executive Leadership Group

Esther Teo
Chief Executive Officer (Chair)
Ramit Masalia
Chief Operating Officer

Meet the AIA Staffs

Sachin Kalidas Mallar
Learning and Information Services Coordinator
Vi Nguyen
Student Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator