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The highest level of decision making for the Analytics Institute of Australia is its Corporate Board. The Board is accountable for the governance and performance of AIA, including meeting the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Governance at AIA follows a traditional higher education institution where ultimate accountability for compliance and quality rests with the Corporate Board. The Corporate Board has delegated authority for:

  • academic matters to the Academic Board
  • Risk strategy and management to the Audit and Risk Committee
  • Operational matters to the Executive Leadership Group
These committees are established to meet external statutory and non-statutory requirements.

The Academic Board will have sub-committees to support its activities, in particular the Course Advisory Committee and over time will also have committees related to coursework development, learning and teaching, assessment review and student experience and well-being.

The Industry Advisory Board is a critical sounding board and idea-generator for the AIA. It is integral to the strategic planning of the Institute. Accordingly it meets annually with the Board of Directors as well as separately according to the annual Governance Calendar.

Board of Directors' members:

  • Emeritus Professor Jayne Godfrey (Chair)
  • Emeritus Professor Joyce Kirk
  • Dr Jane Hamilton
  • Ms Jessica Lightfoot
  • Mr David Pitt
  • Mr Pankaj Goel

Academic Board members:

  • Emeritus Professor Joyce Kirk (Chair)
  • Professor Damminda Alahakoon
  • Professor Dharmendra Sharma
  • Professor Leo Pass
  • Heico Wesselius
  • Suganya Eliot

Industry Advisory Board members:

  • Mr Phil Bolton (Chair)
  • Dr Zaana Howard
  • Ms Natalie Mendes
  • Mr Ben Hamley

Course Advisory Committee members:

  • Mr Christian Duell
  • Dr Sebastian Thomas
  • Dr Yujie Wang
  • Dr Fion Lim

Executive Leadership Group members:

  • Esther Teo (CEO and Chair)
  • Ramit Masalia (COO)
  • Dean of Students (Vacant)
  • Registrar (Vacant)
  • Head of Marketing (Vacant)