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Welcome from the Chair of the Board

Welcome to the Analytics Institute of Australia. This is an exciting venture to lead. The world is on the cusp of dramatic change due to new technologies and the intertwining of human and artificial intelligence.

The Institute will help you thrive in tomorrow’s world by equipping you with knowledge, techniques and skills for the lives, jobs and organisations of the future.

– Emeritus Professor Jayne Godfrey

Our Vision

The Analytics Institute of Australia aims to revitalise the idea of modern day analytics and business transformation in an ever changing society heavily influenced by the 4th Industrial Revolution. It will educate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and managers using the technologies and methods of data science, intelligence and modelling that are transforming the ways that business is conducted.

Focusing initially on analytics, visualisation, and human-centered business transformation, it will offer practical and relevant courses in creating and running businesses that make optimal use of data, insights, creativity to make inspired decisions.

Our Rationale

The World Economic Forum, the OECD and many other global bodies predict that the world of work will change rapidly, as new technologies come on the scene and intermingle. In turn, people’s expectations of education and training are changing towards skills and knowledge that can help organisations pivot and grow as the 4th Industrial Revolution progresses. With machine and deep learning advances, many non routine and non repetitive tasks will be automated away. A new mix of skills, creativity and understanding will be required for many new and emerging occupations.

The global giants of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the new experience economy are platform and service based companies whose business model is based upon insights from data and analytics. With data science itself becoming automated, what is needed are the skills to understand, synthesise and visualise data and then use that data to transform and create disruption. This is why creating insights for transformative decision making is the central theme of the Analytics Institute of Australia.

The Analytics Institute of Australia will offer practical higher education, fully compliant with Australian Qualification Framework requirements and those of TEQSA.