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Welcome to Analytics Institute Of Australia

The Analytics Institute operates in the realm of social intelligence. We delve into the domain of practice and knowledge between human and artificial intelligence by producing analytics and frameworks for decision making and transformation.

The Institute will help you thrive in tomorrow’s world by equipping you with knowledge, techniques and skills for the lives, jobs, and organisations of the future.

Student Support

AIA provides support to students, helping them to thrive in tomorrow's world.

Higher Education can be challenging, and AIA understands this better. AIA's student support team is trained to help, whether you need support with getting started or just want to meet others.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendars are approved in advance by the AIA Academic Board.

Academic calendars helps AIA to effectively plan a number of years in advance, and efficiently maintain the quality of service.

This calendar does not contain all dates relevant to teaching period.
Current students can find a complete list of dates for study periods within the Student Handbook.


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