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Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

The Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy sets out the expectations and requirements of the Analytics Institute of Australia with respect to the administration of student tuition fees and non-tuition fees, in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations, and the payment of fees and refunds.

Tuition fees will be payable each trimester and payments are required on or before the due date using EFTPOS, credit card, bank cheque, bank transfer, or telegraphic transfer for international students. The amounts and due dates of each student’s tuition fees (and ancillary fees if applicable) are described in the letter of offer/student agreement agreed and signed by the student before course commencement.

Students may need to be pay non-tuition (ancillary) fees for administrative services or penalties such as late payment of fees. Please refer to the Ancillary Fee Schedule for relevant charges.

AIA reserves the right to change tuition and non-tuition fees on an annual basis. Should AIA decide to change its fees, students will be notified at least one trimester in advance, and any increase will take effect on 1 January of the following year.

Ancillary Fee Schedule

Access the non-tuition fees that may be charged to AIA Students. For more information contact admissions@analyticsinstitute.edu.au

Related Forms

To make a payment of your tuition fees, students must complete the AIA Credit Card Authorisation Form and submit to admissions@analyticsinstitute.edu.au


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